Certified Organic Feed & Chemical-Free Products

If you are looking for certified organic feed in Cape Breton Island, you can find it at United Farmer’s Co-Op. Our feed meets organic livestock standards and is produced without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Keep in mind that organic feed can have some additives included such as vitamins, minerals and probiotics that are approved by the certifying organic authority. Please call to see what organic feed we have in stock. If needed, we can special order per your request.

United Farmer’s Co-Op carries a wide assortment of flowers and gardening supplies to meet your exact needs.

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Our Organic Products

Whole grains are primarily used in our organic products with the exceptions of dehydrated alfalfa pellets, pressed flax, sunflower and canola meal. Bran and wheat mids may be used in pig feed. You will not find any medications, preservatives or animal products except for oyster shells used in organic mash.

We are pleased to offer the following certified organic feeds:

  • Chicken starter, turkey starter, duck starter
  • Chicken grower, turkey grower, duck grower
  • Layer mash
  • Dairy ration
  • Ewe ration
  • Cattle finisher
  • Hog starter, hog grower
  • Sow feed
  • Horse feed
  • Rabbit grower
  • Mixed grains (10% protein)

United Farmer’s Co-Op also carries a wide assortment of other products that are organic and chemical free.

Organic Gardening

Many of our Cape Breton Island customers have a desire to grow plants free of pesticide residues and commercial fertilizers. Organic fertilizers will release nutrients slowly and reduce the risk of fertilizer burn. The nutrition content is less than commercial fertilizers so larger quantities are needed. While we understand organic gardening is not for everyone, we are proud to support our area’s organic gardeners. In fact, we believe that taking care of the environment starts in our own back yard. Simply using materials such as mulch and compost will help protect the environment.

Earthworm Castings

Earthworm castings provide the following benefits:

  • Improved aeration and water retention of soil
  • Excellent porosity, structure and drainage
  • High percentage of humus and humic acid, ingredients which provide binding sites for plant nutrients and aids in the prevention of harmful plant pathogens, fungi, nematodes and bacteria

An Organic Alternative – Organic Mulch

Similar to compost, instead of working organic mulch into the soil, you simply lay it on top. Organic mulch provides the following:

  • Keeps the soil cool and moist in the summer, reducing the need to water
  • Decomposes slowly, releasing nutrients into the soil
  • Prevents most weed seeds from germinating and makes pulling those that do pop up easier

Tips when Using Organic Mulch

  • Organic mulch retains moisture and can slow soil warming. Pull mulch away from your perennials and bulbs for faster growth
  • Keep mulch about 1” away from crowns and stems of flowers and vegetables. When left directly in contact, it can cause your plants to rot
  • Keep mulch about 6-12” away from woody stems of shrubs and trees as it can also cause them to rot and encourages rodents to nest
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